What We Do

We often hear from friends and family about unreliable contractors or service companies they’ve contacted and either they never hear back or they just don’t show up when they promised. We decided to start a company with the intention of creating a positive customer experience coupled with superior quality workmanship.


About Us

Gary Bell, Co-Owner, Bravura

Gary Bell, Co-Owner, Bravura

Gary Bell

Gary is a South Jersey native who grew up learning construction and home repairs from his family. In addition to owning his own successful home construction and repair company previously, he also gained experience in many areas through managing a large repair and service division of a construction corporation. He has gathered extensive knowledge about all types of home remodeling and repair, including door, window and siding installation and repair as well as custom carpentry and trim work. His work ethic and attention to detail is second to none.

Katie Bell, Co-Owner, Bravura Photos by    TraciElaine Photography

Katie Bell, Co-Owner, Bravura
Photos by
TraciElaine Photography

Katie Bell

Katie studied business management and marketing in college and now works as a Paralegal in the financial services industry. While she doesn’t know how to build you a custom closet or a deck like Gary, she can answer your questions and help you with scheduling an estimate! She also handles the back-end office work, blog and website.



Who We Work With


Our customers are homeowners in the South Jersey area who expect quality work and professionalism. Have you always wanted a custom built-in bookshelf to make yourself a cozy reading nook? How about some Better Homes and Gardens-worthy crown molding in your foyer? Maybe you have a DIY project that you’ve put off because you just don’t have the time? We can help!


We work with homeowners who live within 30 miles of zip code 08098.

Pronounced  “Brahv-YER-ah”

Pronounced “Brahv-YER-ah”

What does it mean?

You might think the question we get asked most often is construction-related; it’s not! Most people want to know if Bravura is our last name, or even just, what does it mean? Although that is an awesome last name, it’s not ours; so why did we choose it to represent our company?

Simply put, it’s not your typical contractor name because we’re not your typical contractor. Bravura means “great technical skill shown in an activity,” and that’s what you’re getting with our company — experience, talent, and willingness to go above and beyond to make sure you love where you live.